This website is a collection of the videos I’ve made – which is something I went to graduate school to study. I like to use media, technology, and software experimentally or in a way it was not intended to be used. I do not like to use the identifier “artist” as there are other identifiers that take precedence for me, for instance, “partner,” “friend” or “cat mother.” I do not like to call the things I make “work” because work is something else I do and because I am unimpressed by Marxism.

I currently work as the Technology Coordinator for the Owl Lab at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communication (I am also the Site Content Coordinator). In my work I aim to create a safe space for students to make mistakes and to become more in control of the media in their lives. I do not use social media, on principle. It is one way that I am in control of the media in my own life. (Please give yourself the gift of reading/listening to the work of Jaron Lanier.) You can read some of my thoughts and about some of my interests - mostly videos and music I am currently rotating - on my seldom updated blog. I am a frequent diver into the Intellectual Dark Web and a strong proponent of free thinking.

You can write to me at jillianmusielak@gmail.com. I would love to correspond. Alternatively, you can send me an anonymous message through the form below. I promise it’s anonymous.