This website is a collection of the things I like to make, namely videos. I often use media, technology, and software experimentally or in a way it was not intended to be used. I do not like to use the identifier “artist” as there are other identifiers that take precedence for me, for instance, “partner,” “friend” or “cat mother.” Nor do I like to call the things I make “work” because work is something else I do and because I am unimpressed by Marxism (and so-called “identity politics,” for that matter).

I currently work as the Technology Coordinator for Loyola University’s School of Communication, managing the school’s Owl Lab. I aim to create a safe space for students to make mistakes and to become more in control of the media in their lives. You can read some of my thoughts and about some of my interests - mostly videos and music I am currently rotating - on my seldom updated blog. I am a frequent diver into the Intellectual Dark Web and I do not use social media, on principle. It is one way that I am in control of the media in my own life. (Please give yourself the gift of reading/listening to the work of Jaron Lanier.)

You can write to me at jillianmusielak@gmail.com. I would love to correspond. Alternatively, you can send me an anonymous message through the form below. I promise it’s anonymous.