upcoming screenings...

I have the great honor of being included in two newish experimental film festivals this weekend!

Tell us about what happened that November is screening at the Portland Unknown Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. It is screening in the first program, this Friday. Coincidentally, THREE people I know from Chicago are also in the festival. Emily Eddy (with whom I worked at the Video Data Bank as a grad student) and Katy Albert have a collaborative piece screening in the same program and Sam Murphy, a fellow SAIC alum from my same department and all around cool dude, is screening on Saturday.

What I’m Looking For is screening in Guanajuato, Mexico - my first international screening!!! (!!!!!!) - also on Friday. It is screening to coincide with the city-wide programming of the Festival Internacional Cervantino - which I was elated to find actually has its own Wikipedia page.

All very exciting for me! It feels awesome to know that my blood, sweat and tears are paying off and I am heartwarmed to see the things I’ve made being shared in spaces that are slightly left of the institution!