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I was shopping for a good vitamin c serum because vitamin c serums in the past have really helped me stay lookin’ so youthful, and a search for vitamin c serum on amazon turns up literally thousands of products. these things are not regulated and there are no patented formulas. the serums have so many added ingredients, like what do all those weird things do and do they even do anything? i dont like feeling im being “taken for a ride” and i spend a lot of time researching all of my toiletries ingredients and a use the site for reference. i like to use products that are biodegradable and vegan or at the least vegetarian. i dont like to use products that come in plastic. this has led me to eschew shampoo (i did that on purpose…), but not really because i use a bar shampoo. i have also gotten rid of daily conditioner. i find that the shampoo bar, being nothing saponified oils, is even to keep my hair sleek and moisterized. i use apple cider vinegar as a rinse occasionally because it helps balance the pH on my scalp but it leaves my hair looking oil. i do use a regular conditioner from time to time, a biodegradable one. i dont understand how something can be labled “cruelty free” but also not be biodegradable. it seems to me that two should go hand in hand. anyway, i even make my own facewash from baking soda, liquid castile soap and frankincense. now to the serum. i purchased a bag of nearly 2oz of vitamin c as l-ascorbic acid for $4. if refridgerated, the bag should last me about two years. and i already had a big bottle of vegetable gylcerin on hand. mix a quarter tsp of the c with the glycerin and some distilled water, store in the fridge in an amber bottle. should last a month. anyway, in searching for the c and a funnel set to put the fine grained powder into a small bottle, i came across these two lovely reviews. enjoy.

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jillian musielak