one video every day for one year

jillian musielak

A love/hate relationship to social media lead me to delete myself from the Internet in 2012. I quickly felt an emptiness from the lack of online interaction, and created a YouTube channel, sickcakez, to document and share the mundanity of spending life on the Internet. For one year - from June 19, 2012 to June 19, 2013 - using my laptop camera, I posted a video of myself “doing nothing” to the channel, with a song playing in the background to delineate the run time of the videos. Created during a period while I was mostly unemployed, the videos stand as an archive of time wasted and of the desire to communicate in an age when the very meaning of communication is constantly in flux, creating a universal existential conundrum.

The moniker I used for this YouTube channel is "sickcakez," one that I often use online. It is derived from an anecdote recounted in the diary of Arthur Schopenhauer, of eating cakes stolen from his nursemaid. He said it was the “sickly taste of the cakes” which were forbidden to him that informed his ideas about desire and craving as the cause of suffering and pain. Here, my desire for communication is documented as the cause of my own suffering and pain. 

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