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jillian musielak

The value of pop music lies not on the surface, but in how it scratches through that surface, where music becomes non-music.

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Still; 2018 | 6:48

2019 Jury’s Choice Award | Onion City Experimental Film + Video Festival | Chicago, Illinois

Musielak exploits the direct sentimentality of a 1980’s U2 mega-balad, showing its second life as a banal karaoke dead-stock text. Instead of playing it cool and ironic, Museilak evacuates this lyric cliche, replacing the space carved out with a kaleidoscope of self-portraits that point to an arrival that never comes, nor ever will be." - Jury of the 29th Onion City Experimental Film + Video Festival

2018 Official Selection | Experimental Film Guanajuato | Guanajuato, Mexico